It is a website accessible on the Internet which tries to predict the movement of stocks and Sensex of the Indian Stock Market. The focus on the same is based on the Technical Analysis of the Stock Market and backed by reliable information from the FIIs / Fund Manager’s desk. The news is believed to be almost accurate and backed by proven technical analysis software the trend of the market and stocks is determined. This helps a trader and investor to decide entry and exit levels with the sole viewpoint of minimizing the losses and maximize profits from the stock market. After all everybody wants to earn from the market with minimum risk and valuerupee.com has been successful in serving this purpose.

Yes, our analysis is based on both news + technical analysis + fundamentals of the company. Price of the stock moves up or down due to many factors acting at same point of time. News or analysis or fundamentals alone cannot affect the stock price. Along with these three, at any given point of time , there are many other factors which effect the price of a stock. It might some positive / negative development flashed in the pink paper or Media, the strategy of the operator, the activity of the FII / Funds, declared / expected results of the company. Material and recommendations at Valuerupee.com are believed to be true based on all above. Demand and supply situation of shares at any point of time ie. Shorts / Longs in a stock at any point of time affect the stock price movement. All this is factored in the technical analysis which is being carried out by our team. So the reader is reliably clear how to take position in the stock. Wherever possible we try to post the fundamentals of the stock also.

Above we have already covered that we have our own system based on which we come out with our recommendations. Quite often you would observe that FIIs are net buyers and Mutual funds are net Sellers on the same day. Both of them have technical analysts who have different perception about a particular stock or market. Same is our case !!! The Reader in few trading sessions would be able to decide the accuracy of our calls and recommendations as compared to others. Yes we strongly believe that readers should be left upon themselves to choose to follow our recommendations or not.

We are proud to say that valuerupee.com in the past so many years have come out with real jackpots. Many stocks have appreciated more than 500 % to 1000 % in a short span of time. Although all individuals are free to decide their entry and exit levels but we adequately cover our targets and clearly mention supports and resistance levels which help the individual to take a proper decision. Yes we have a goldmine of stocks for delivery based individuals !!!

As all of you know that stock markets are very quickly affected by the developments in the company, nation and the world. Any kind of bad news or say bomb blasts immediately negatively affect the movement of the stock. Guaranteed gains from the stock market in such scenario is not possible. Many times even the funds / FIIs have to exit in losses. So we also believe the same and do not guarantee any kind of profits. But yes as told earlier our aim is to minimize losses and maximize gains. After all 90 % of the people lose in the market, 5 % breakeven and only 5 % earn from the market. Our purpose and efforts are always to push you to the last category.

Technical analysis is a method of evaluating securities by analyzing statistics generated by market activity, past prices and volume. Technical analysts do not attempt to measure a security’s intrinsic value; instead they look at stock charts for patterns and indicators that will determine a stock’s future performance. Technical Analysis has become increasingly popular over the past several years, as more and more people believe that the historical performance of a stock is a strong indication of future performance. The use of past performance should come as no surprise. People using fundamental analysis have always looked at the past performance of companies by comparing fiscal data from previous quarters and years to determine future growth. The difference lies in the technical analyst’s belief that securities move according to very predictable trends and patterns. These trends continue until something happens to change the trend, and until this change occurs, price levels are predictable. There are many instances of investors successfully trading a security using only their knowledge of the security’s chart, without even understanding what the company does. However, although technical analysis is a terrific tool, most agree it is much more effective when used in combination with fundamental analysis.
Recommendations from Valuerupee.com are based on both.

All trading mistakes mostly are attributable to fear in a trader’s mind. The fear of losing money is the most prominent. Hence a trader stands up in losses way beyond his capacity and too quickly exits in booking profits. So maybe 5 times a trader earns small amounts and everything goes away in a single trade of loss. Even the best of the trader makes mistake and we are listing 7 most common trading mistakes. Understanding these would surely help in maximizing your chances to make gains from the market.

  1. Always put a stop-loss to your trade and do not try to swim opposite the current or you will drown sooner or later. Always flow with the trend and you stand a very good chance of success.
  2. Do not follow the crowd. Hearsay in stock market can be suicidal. If you get the same news regarding a particular stock from 3 to 4 different sources, chances are very less for the stock to behave with the flow of the news. Many times you would have seen that a stock moves up after a temporary fall upon bad news and vice versa. So use your common sense.
  3. Nobody can buy at bottoms and sell at tops. So make your own strategy before execution of trade to split your decision at two different levels.
  4. “Everybody around me is earning and I am not” “Market has moved up and I missed the bus”. This is the most common feature and psychology of the retail trader and investor. So do not take a hasty decision or execute a trade out of frustration. Such decisions most of the times are wrong.
  5. “The last few trades are all going wrong. What to do ?” If you go wrong twice or thrice then it is time to look back and change your strategy. Take rest from the market. Watch the movement with a peaceful mind and then execute the next trade. Lady Luck also plays an important role sometimes. So do respect her !!!
  6. “I am keeping on averaging on the buy side and the stock is continuing to move down or vice versa”. Stop and look back at what you are doing. Maybe you have not put stoploss. Do not keep on averaging. Chances are you will enter the Over trading zone and your financial strength will not be able to meet the big loss you would incur. So admit defeat and agree that it was a wrong trade and cut your losses.
  7. “Too many trades at the same time” By doing so you are taking a big risk of losing your concentration. It means lack of method or target and the end result would be wrong decisions due to which you will have to incur heavy losses. So take positions which you can concentrate upon and handle at any point of time.

No. Everybody has his own style of trading. But our experience says that following strategy betters your chances to get success in the market. To name a few. Never overtrade, Fix your value of exposure in the market ie to say if you take position of Rs. 5 lakhs at any point of time try to trade around that value only. do not increase out of emotions or hearsay, Keep stoplosses to your trade . it helps you to know and understand your risk quantum at any point of time.

Yes. Everything is possible in the market. But it is possible only when you define for yourself and lest us know what is your target for that period. Many of our recommendations have given more than 500 % gains in less than a year’s time. But then you will have to exercise lot of control on yourself and follow a planned system. Low risk takers should try to enter the options side of the market and others can enter the futures segment. Delivery based individuals are given time bound targets from our side so the waiting period is already defined. Our predictions on many occasions buck the general trend of the market. So you stand a good chance to earn in a falling or rising market.

We are there to serve you better. Our sole aim is to maximize returns and profits for you and minimize your losses. But for that we have to understand your targets and viewpoint regarding the kind of profits you seek and your financial strength earmarked for the stock market. Our support would include proper levels regarding stocks and Sensex including nifty futures. Also we would give you stoploss wherever required. We follow the live trend of the market and the stock during trading hours and our recommendations would generally include entry and exit levels. Quantity and exposure to the market would be your choice but we can certainly guide you to the tune of position you may make for yourself if we know your targets. We would also like to know from your side that in how much time frame you are looking for desired returns and a strategy can be worked out for you.