We continue to recommend short in 3 stocks : SUNTV, SRF & RAYMOND……….All three looking very weak on charts


Last close 771.90

Even this stock failed to sustain above its immediate support and closed in a highly negative zone confirms correction for this counter. The stock needs to move above Rs.788 to make the short-term outlook positive. On the lower side technically we see this stock sliding to Rs.658, if breaks Rs.658 during intraday could slide to Rs.645 mark …!!!


Last close 1632.10

An intermediate term reversal will be signaled only on a rise past Rs.1656. This stock is in down trend mode. Wait for a close above Rs.1656 before contemplating trading longs. On the lower side expect it to slide upto Rs.1614, If breaks then expect free fall upto Rs.1599 mark..!!!


Last close 884.50

Remember, Stock is highly over bought & huge unwinding any time not ruled out. Go short keeping stop loss of Rs.904. On the lower side stock could slide upto Rs.871, Break will take this to Rs.860 is also possible..!!!