Free Service * Currently not available
Here we provide the daily recommendations regarding the stocks and the Sensex movement. Along with the previous close we try to put in brief analysis of the technical indicators and / or news regarding the stock with stoploss, levels and buy / Sell recommendations. As all of you know that the movement of the market and stocks is mercurial and behaves as per the live and latest national and international trends. So this service has it’s own limitations sometimes. We may change our recommendation intraday as per flow of news / technicals sometimes.

Paid Service
We provide daily 5 to 7 SMS on your registered mobile number / yahoo messenger as part of the paid service. This will cover clear cut buy and sell recommendations and you shall be required to act immediately. SMS shall also cover in brief any kind of news available with us at that point of time and time period if required. You are free to choose to day trade or hold position in futures for the recommendation. Delivery based calls also shall be covered in the same if subscribed by you. As per the plan of your subscription, you may decide to act upon your kind of trading system. We sometimes come out with a scheme to provide you free SMS scheme for a single trading session and if you decide to continue you will have to pay the fees for the same (Currently not available). Time to time we shall be announcing some schemes through our website and you can avail benefits at that point of time. For detailed fees structure you may kindly refer the FEES column above.